Bloggers Monday – a network for advertising, communication and new media bloggers

Yesterday I attended my first Likeminded networking meeting at Scandic Anglais. I’m very glad that I took the time to drop in since there’s so many talented, smart and nice people you end up getting to know. However as I was sitting there I felt there is room for more networking – networking among blogging peers. And inspired by how Daytona with the YABA awards have managed to create interest for all these kind of blogs I thought I’d launch another initiative to bring focus to us marketing bloggers.

Announcing Bloggers Monday – a network for at people who blog about communication, advertising and new media.

The first meeting is 2:nd of February, 8AM, Scandic Hotel, Anglais. Join us on our Facebook group before then. 
It’s all in the name
The members of Bloggers Monday will meet in Stockholm, Sweden the first monday every month. Every meeting is at 8AM at Scandic Anglais. The idea is to network, share knowledge and perhaps write a blog post or two while chatting away.

We aim to grow
The idea with Bloggers Monday doesn’t stop in Sweden. Hopefully as time goes by and people outside Sweden learns about this idea new networks are started. Just contact us and we’ll get you up and running!
Who can join?
As long as you have a blog about  communication, advertising or new media you’re welcome to join Bloggers Monday. Hook up with us in our Facebook group or on our website. Once you’re a member of the Facebook group we’ll get your blog url up on the Bloggers Monday website.
Find more information the Bloggers Monday website.