Budweiser understands future communication is all about innovation

Living in a connected world where information is accessible 24/7 and shared by everyone through social networks means you’ve gotta spend more money on your product to make sure you’re on top of the competition. In all its simplicity I think this new Budweiser can shows what it’s all about. At first glance a 10° change doesn’t seem that much. But those 10° makes Budweiser unique and it will not only make a Budweiser can look different it will make you feel the difference. This new bottle will save a fortune for Budweiser when it comes to communication activities and on top of that It’s pretty darn cool in all its simplicity.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that this tiny change in shape means a HUGE change in how Budweiser actually produces the cans. They started developing this new can in 2010 and finally it will hit the stores on the 6th of may. Someone at Budweiser took a bold decision. “Let us spend millions and millions to change something today that will have an effect on our future”. Risking your job will lead to success!