Facebook deliver the crowds – CNN deliver the Barack Obama Inauguration

So you think Superbowl is the event of the year. Well, think again. 427,563 confirmed guests and rising has signed on Facebook to be part of the Barack Obama Inauguration on January the 20th.

It’s a brilliant move by CNN to create this hype around their live web casting of the event. It’s also interesting to see that CNN are using words like RSVP NOW instead of SIGN UP. In other words, Facebook usage has matured to the level that we’re now talking ‘Facebook’ instead of ‘english’.
It also seems that the cnn.com/live site that is basically just beeing built on Facebook Connect, in other word a 10 hour implementation effort. And when the event is over – million of Facebookers connected to CNN.
It seems like the Barack Obama Inauguration will be historical in more than one way and I’ll make sure to be a part of it!



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