Google ads another weapon in the fight for change

Today Google launched their latest resource called the Google Internet Stats. It contains industry facts and insights from across five different areas – Macro Economic Trends, Technology, Consumer Trends, Media Consumption and Media Landscape. This is a great resource for us who are trying to make people understand what the future is all about.
I bet that we can expect more in the near future. Anyway it’s a great little tool for people like me who want more ammo in the fight for change. Here’s a little something that gives you an idea about what to expect:

  • 5% of all time online is spent on Facebook.
  • By election day, fully 25% of people who pulled the lever for Obama were already connected to his campaign electronically
  • early three in five (57%) of youth consumers logged on to YouTube to watch a music video in the last 12 months, compared to 56% who watched a music TV channel
  • Social networks have a penetration of nearly 75% among European Internet users
  • According to Nielsen, 67% of the global online population visited a “member community” site in Dec 2008.
  • 20 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Now go dig on your own.
Ah, by the way. Thanks @stefanronge for waving your flag about this!



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