I adore a good wine. I love a great design. When these two collide I'm lost in the explosion!

The Matsu’s wine triology, ‘El Pícaro’, ‘El Recio’ and ‘El Viejo’
Today on TheDieline I ran into the company ‘Vintae Luxury Wine Specialists’. Vintae is Spanish based company that specialize in top of the range and luxury wines.
Not only do they have a great wine portfolio. Together with Spanish agency Moruba, they’ve designed some wonderful bottles to stack in your cellar.
The Winery Arts collection revolves around the number 9, considered by many cultures as the supreme number of knowledge
When a company understands the value of differentiation, simplicity and creativity like Vintae, I can’t do anything but run to the wine shop and empty my savings account. This is the shit you wanna put on your table!



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