Let me introduce Vladimir Gvozdev and BibliOdyssey

Sometimes you just end up spending time on a site much like when you enter a library. You feel good, spend quite some time eyeing the shelfs for something good to read.
Visiting BibliOdyssey makes me feel just like that. Today I spent about 25 minutes just eye gazing the beautiful “historical” illustrations on the site. The site mixes old and new graphics, but they all share a common style. One of my favorites artists on the site is the work by Vladimir Gvozdev. Vladimir has this wonderful touch to everything he does. I first was amazed by the details in his illustrations like the one above. Then I found more of his work. 

Oh how I wish I had a project right now where I could call this guys up and create some killer stuff using his skills. The stuff he does is just stunning. 



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