More ways to innovate the release of a new music album

In Sweden, the government has recently voted on a new law that is supposed to make it harder for people to steal music. The lobbying for this new law has mainly been run by old school artist who want to protect their rights to their music. Younger artists that has grown up with the new rules of music thinks the whole thing is pretty stupid. I wrote a while back ago about Timbuktu and his use of Pirate Bay when releasing a new song. 
Yesterday at a meeting at Lydmars in Stockholm I learned about another cool way of launching music signed Oasis.
In order to generate buzz around their latest album – Dig Out Your Soul – Oasis, in September, decided to teach a crew of 30 New York City street musicians songs from the coming album. Then, 1 month before the official release the buskers performed live in subways, on the streets and train stations. Obviously it didn’t take long until the official media picked up on the news and PR worth millions was achieved.
Here’s the story. I love it.



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