One link for the English guys och en för svenskar – and they're both about Steve Jobs

Here comes a post that will make you think different. Yesterday I was writing on a blog post suggesting how SAAB and Volvo should think to get out of their problems. The post focused both on product development and marketing. Then today I found one link on Bjornalberts that more or less talked about the same thing in an excellent way. On top of that I found another one on Minegoestoeleven that is sort of connected.
The first one is ‘What if Steve Jobs ran one of the Big Three auto companies?’ and its in English. The other one is ‘Idag gästbloggar Tore Claesson, New York.’ and that one is in Swedish. Both touch on Steve Jobs and what he has done with Apple. Great read both of them.
So, here’s the link to What if Steve Jobs ran one of the Big Three auto companies
Och här har ni länken till Idag gästbloggar Tore Claesson, New York
Bye bye or hej då as we say in Swedish.