Turn Your Business Into A Smarter Social Business

A common question I get from companies is “How do we get people inside our company to spend time on our intranet”. My answer is always – “make sure you tie your intranet closely to your daily operations”.
Make people feel visiting the intranet has something to do with their work and not only for the fun of it. Only this way will you create the need for the collaboration, socialization and engagement that an active intranet (and your company) needs. This however turns out to be a major problem for most companies since it’s to freaking hard and expensive to integrate ERP systems with existing intranet technologies.
Well – not anymore. Through Mashable I learned today that Salesforce is launching Salesforce Chatter. This is a Facebook lookalike that integrates email, intranet, office solutions, ERP systems and more into one platform built on the cloud concept Force. On top of that Chatter actually lets you connect the real Facebook and Twitter. (Sad for you companies that doesn’t allow your staff to spend time on Facebook and Twitter).

Salesforce, that for example also provides the engine behind Dell Ideastorm and My Starbucks idea and Salesforce CRM has got things wired huh?
Honestly there’s simply no need for any company to keep their building on their own intranet. Press delete and move to something like Chatter and you’ll see people will start to interact. After all, if their not they’re loosing business.
If you wanna stay ahead of the game tomorrow you can simply not stay put in systems that cost a fortune and becomes updated every third year.



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