Social Media And Our Beloved Europe? The Truth Or At Least Part Of It.

Students over at the Berghs School of Communication asked for some advice on research about social networking behaviours in Europe.
As I gathered my links and sources from my Delicious account I ran into this wonderful presentation below by Tom Smith from Trendstream. The presentation was given by Tom to the IAB Europe Social Media Research Showcase, sharing insights from Wave 1 of the Global Web Index. It’s well composed and extremely valuable if you’re into branding, communication, advertising, business development and social media. So I thought I should share it with you too!

Tom lists three big trends that will impact your brand in 2010 based on Social Media involvement across Europe.

  1. The passive impact of social media is bigger than the active one
  2. We increasingly consume content and information based on the consumer network
  3. Digital networks are much now bigger than our face to face ones
So there you go. Nothing to blame on now. Just get going!