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  • Om du missade Sweet Sunday Web Crunch

    Igår kväll intog jag soffan hos Björn Falkevik, Mattias Östmar och Joakim Nyström. Det var dags för andra episoden av Sweet Sunday Web Crunch eller Geek TV som en del kallade konceptet på Twitter. Geek TV var ett rätt beskrivande namn alla fall på gårdagens ‘TV’ program som sändes live på Bambuser. Under ca 70 […]

  • Wondering how to get a viral spread of that great video of yours?

    There’s a lot of talk about viral marketing through video. But given that you have produced something worth seeing, how do you actually get it on the run? Well, it’s not necessarily that easy and the biggest single mistake brands do is they believe a good little piece will take off by it self. Is that the […]

  • This man thinks different

    On stage was a man called Mattias Östmar, founder of PRfekt. I’ve never heard about the guy before but what came out of his mouth as he did his presentation was extremely interesting and especially innovative. I’m a big fan of people who have been thinking about something for a long time and decide to […]