The future belongs to cool robots and it scares the hell out of me

Terminators. Robots created by mankind came to the decision that in order for them to solve their tasks it was more efficient if mankind were extinct. A fantasy or a probable future?
The last couple of years I’ve seen lots of videos coming out from laboratories that makes the Terminator future quite possible. I can only hope it doesn’t happen in my kids lifetime.
This latest video that I initially spotted on Ted’s blog is one of the creepiest. The most scary thing about it is the way the human beings in the video treat it. They’ve almost convinced themselves that this little killer is a kid like any other 2-year-old.

Now they’re moving on. The japanese team that developed this robot is aiming for a new robot with the intelligence of a 3 year old. Hell, why not go for a 50 year old one instead. He would at least know what he was doing…
On top of that this next video below has been one of the most viewed videos on YouTube the last couple of days.

Combine the two and what do you get?
Damn. I’ve gotta start building that rocket ship now cause you never know when we have to leave this planet.



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