There's a lot of buzz about Twitter and here's a tip about another 100

Everyone are going bananas over Twitter and the marketing potential with micro blogging. People who are into it are totally sold. People who are not doesn’t understand jack shit.
The thing with Twitter is that you’ve gotta get yourself in there, start listening to the twitter and slowly adapt to a strange new culture. Once you’ve done that you can start using it for more intelligent things.
My personal top tip about Twitter is; think really carefully what you want to achieve with it. For me Twitter is not about twittering every 2 minutes but instead listening to people that i respect. Personally I’ve decided it’s my business platform, not personal funfair. At least so far. It’s not unthinkable that I might end up having different account in the future.
This morning I got a tip from OnlineBestCollages. They have gathered a list of 100 Twitter tools. The list is divided into the following categories: Twitter Analysis, Information Gathering, Network Building & Management, Twitter Management, Sharing Tools, Organization & Productivity, Life Tools, Business & Finance, Health and of course Blogging.
I’m aware that they’ve created this list in order to drive traffic to their site, but hey, that’s a tip in itself. This is marketing of tomorrow. Give and you shall recieve. I’m giving back cause it’s a great resource.
Go on and rate yourselves up in Twitter!