When labels become art. Stranger & Stranger is better & better.

Years ago I found out about a innovator within the Whisky industry. His name is John Glaser and he has created a brand that is called Compass Box. If you are to buy a fantastic whisky, get your hands on a bottle of Compass Box. My personal favorite is Hedonism. The other day I ran into a new product from Compass that I hadn’t seen before. It had fantastic labeling.
compass-entertainerThe packaging for the Compass Box Entertainer
I regonised the style but couldn’t put my finger on it at first. Then I realised that those wonderful designs must come from

Stranger & Stranger.
absinteWhen Stranger & Stranger takes on a project. It’s all about the details
Stranger & Stranger is this UK and New York based design agency that just blows my mind with every new project they take on. I think they’re showing the way into the future for sure. I blogged about couple of days ago on how we’ll see more quality and less quantity. The Stranger & Stranger portfolio certainly fits into the future mold.
moonshineAfter all. In what better way can you tell the story of Moonshine
Their designs doesn’t only look great, each and every thing they touch goes from being an object to instead being a story-telling object that tells the story of passion (among other things.)
stranger-wineLook at that second bottle from the left. Don’t you hear the French music playing?
Even when they’re giving away things for free, like this decks if cards below, they can’t help by turning it into a beautiful object. This deck of cards was a christmas gift from Stranger & Stranger. Oh how wish I had one of those for christmas.
deck-cards-strangerA christmas gift from Stranger & Stranger
If politicians treated their day job like these people treat theirs we wouldn’t have any wars and the environment would have been saved long time ago.



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