A comic book to support the adidas Impossible field campaign

The launch of the Impossible Field website to compliment the TV campaign, detailing the launch of a new range of adidas products.


The launch of adidas’ latest range of products was to steer clear of outright “selling” was our brief from adidas for this project, and it was also to demonstrate the products’ superiority.


The challenge was to create an experience the user would remember, whilst highlighting the superiority of the new products. The audience were predominantly young male football fans, so the interest had to be maintained the whole way through.


A highly interactive website that doesn’t look like an “ad”. The concept of the whole publication highlights the products’ superiority and does so in a style no language barrier could contain – comic books. The fantasy of comic books was brought to life.


The magazine format provides the perfect platform for ease of updating material, and allows future campaign launches from adidas to gain greater exposure, due to the dedicated following it had built up.