Apple doesn’t even seem hurt by that clean uppercut from Microsoft. But then again, who would have thought that.

So the fight continues. I’ve written about Microsoft getting back on Apple a couple of times before. In my first post on the subject I especially commented on the fact that before Microsoft starts to spread the dollars they should take care of their product. Vista just doesn’t do it. According to Gartner only 6% of companies that should have switched to Vista has done so. Apparently Apple thinks the same as they in their latest TVC’s strike down on the fact that Microsoft is throwing money on expensive advertising instead of mending to their product.

Apart from this one they’ve also aired a respons called V Word.

I had a great discussion the other day on this subject with Per Öhlin (MineGoesToEleven).  We talked about what was wrong with the Microsoft strategy and what was right with Apples. We came to the conclusion that Apple has everything to win in a war against the market leader and Microsoft has everything to loose. After all, Apple is still the David and Microsoft the Goliath when it comes to implementations.
Today when that new spot came from Apple I thought to myself – what should Microsoft do to get themselves out of this trouble? That could very well be one of the toughest question to answer so I won’t give it a try, but I’ll start and maybe you can continue?

Here’s 12 steps to get out of the Apple vs Microsoft fight.

1. Act as a market leader – go your own way!

Rise above this little quarrel and face it – Microsoft and Apple don’t compare. There’s no use in picking on them, you’ll only come out of the fight as the big brother who beat up his little sister when it actually was her who hit you in the head with a hammer. If they keep on pinching you in the side, do what a smart old brother would have done – ignore them.

2. Stop using celebrities in your advertising.

People should think you’re spreading money in order to advertise your products – not spreading money on celebrities in order to convince people about your products. (Bill Gates not included – he founded the place)

3. Focus on your own advantages

Apple can not be run on any other computers than their own. Yours can be used on the rest (as well as theirs). Microsoft is the most compatible system in the world.

4. Talk about history, today and tomorrow but make sure you make up for it.

Talk about the greatest step of mankind and how they came about because of Microsoft. Tell people stories. (The other day I wrote about Nasa in space, damn if that wasn’t a PC in the background).

5. Go big.

Yes. Apple is slapping you in the face because of your marketing. Well, don’t listen. You need to go big. Yes BIG! Sponsor spaceships, place servers in the deepest oceans, when you shoot photos, don’t shoot them from the top of Mt Everest, make sure you shoot Mt Everest from a satellite and don’t cover Piccadilly Circus – cover London. BIG!

6. Go smart

But also go smart. Use the Internet in a way no other brand ever seen. 50% of your marketing budget should go straight into digital channels. Make sure you kick peoples ass and definitely make sure it makes sense.

7. Listen to Microsoft Advertising

One of the best movies out there that talks about the shift in communication is your own. Look and learn.

8. Go free

The next version of Vista. Give it away. While you’re at it. Buy Spotify and implement free music into every new Vista installation. Heck – thrown in the office suite too. People can use Google Apps anyway.

9. Redesign

Get rid of everything that resembles Apple’s glossy slick design. Hire Yves Brehar or someone else with that way of thinking. Establish a new universal tone of voice instead of that ‘all american’ imagery and gradients.

10. Rebrand

What does Microsoft stand for? Hell if I knew. This has to be very clear. Right now you’re being hit from every corner and your own staff hasn’t got the ammunition to defend themselves. Is quality a part of your position? Then get rid of all those to-much compressed images on all your sites. Get rid of bad copy. Isn’t it? Then make it part of your position. The other fields you have to find out yourselves.

11. Hire Barack Obamas campaign general

These guys know how to turn a country. Put them on your team and turn a world.

12. Rent a movie about Muhammad Ali

You’re the one. You’re the best. You’re the biggest. Get that self confidence back and start kicking ass.

The champion Muhammad Ali doing things his own way. 
There’s some suggestions. What’s your thoughts? (I gotta get to bed)