Art Lebedev Studio innovates


Fuck the rain. A creation by Artemy Lebedev founder of the design agency Art Lebedev Studio. I first noticed these guys back in 2004 when I used the Ardeæ folding chairs, one of Arts own creations, as a mood image for a BRIO pitch. I found myself loving the broad variety of projects found on the Art website. Through the years I’ve been coming back every now and then to their site only to find new wonderful things. A couple of years back they launched a couple of new keyboards that gained quite a massive amount of press. This one below, the Optimus Tactus does not have physical keys, which means there are no restrictions on their shape and size. It even features video mode.

These guys create Industrial design objects, posters, POS, corporate identities, websites books, advertising, fonts and they even sell some of the products they’ve innovated. One of the cooler thing they’ve launched lately is this remote control below. It features 100 one touch channels (totally 399) and it’s half a meter long. It retails for 35 euros.

If you met these guys while you’re running around looking for an exit in wonderland you wouldn’t be surprised.