Design and creativity sells. Have a look at Miss Ko if you don't believe me.

I wrote a blogpost the other day about design and why it’s important for future brands. Then today I ‘ran‘ into this fantastic artwork made by london based agency Gregory Bonner Hale for a restaurant in France named Miss Ko. Miss Ko is an underground Asian fusion restaurant.
GBH says the restaurant’s name and identity are based around the character of Miss Ko. A young, sexy but eternally mysterious symbol of Asia, and the embodiment of its traditions and its strangeness. Miss Ko shows us her ‘Yakuza’ full body suit tattoo, a sign in some Asian cultures of ties to the underworld.
Located in the heart of Paris, Miss K? is not just a restaurant; it’s a crazy place where street food, cocktails, art, and music meet to create a unique culinary experience.
This identity is the perfect example of what I wrote about the other day. It’s impossible not to be pulled into Miss Ko’s magnetic brand identity. It’s beautiful, rebellious, story-telling, innovative and yet simplistic in one sense. I love it!