Dress your brand in quality…not quantity, when content explodes online.

Over the years I’ve spoken and written tons of times of the importance of content. The online world has been a Klondyke for people who early understood that when content is free to publish content will also be what drives traffic. And as most brands, part from a few exceptions didn’t really get this online has been an open field of eyes to harvest. The phrase ‘Content is king’ has been very true up until now. We’re in the middle of a shift and it spells quality.
Compare the change we’re going through right now to the change we saw in the early days of television. In the beginning you were prepared to watch any shit that was served. But as more channels started to compete suddenly you found yourselves being able to choose and then we saw how quality started to rule the world of content. It’s exactly what we’re seing online right now.

GoPro Hero 3. Suddenly everyone can create content. But can everyone create quality?  
I don’t know about you, but I find myself choosing carefully where to spend my time. Just because someone created something doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I want quality, I want to see something unique and something that really ads value. Quality not quantity is the only way forward if you wan’t to penetrate the social internet in the future. Quality we’ll like, comment and link to. Quantity will go by unnoticed.