Future brands are like icebergs

We all know how what an iceberg looks like. As you approach it it looks fairly small, it’s easy to get an idea of the size, the shape and dimensions of it. However, we all know that underneath that surface the total mass of the iceberg is hidden. In fact 7/8 of the iceberg is hidden under the surface. This is how you should think about future branding.
When Johan Ronnestam talare framtid och branding on the future of branding I stress that the consumers of tomorrow wants products that are well designed, easy to use and understand. And even more important – the future consumer will choose brands that makes it convenient to be a customer. We want fast delivery. We want usable mobile websites. We want to be able to pay less for more. We don’t want to be locked into services. We want help instantly and we even want our favourite brands to know when and how we want that help without asking. Less is more is the recipe.
So, in order for future brands to deliver superior simplicity and convince business development has to focus more than ever on creating organisational and infrastructural support. A digitalisation of your organisation is the only way forward. Everyone in your organisation must understand how transparency, globalisation and democratisation of technology affects your offering. You have to create and maintain the structure that is needed to create a brand experience that resembles that iceberg. 1/8 – The brand, the products and services and the brand communication needed to turn people into fans. And then the other 7/8 – The processes, the organisation, the infrastructure, the tools and more needed to create that perfect facade.
Build an iceberg – Make the future consumer happy!