IKEA makes me wanna go to sleep

It’s sunday evening. I wanna sleep. And this nice ad from IKEA Canada finally makes me shut down and get to bed. But before I do I gotta share the piece with you as it proves interactivity is always appreciated even thought it might not be digital.

The idea “So comfortable, you’ll need shorter bedtime stories” has been executed as a nice double page spread where you get your own copy of an super short version of classical bed time stories like for example The Tortoise and the Hare. The ad hits me straight where it should do, in my heart. On top of that I’m thinking – If I would have seen this ad I’d saved the little book for my kids. It’s a very nice ad made by Toronto based agency Zig and I found it on the Skinny blog.
So anyway, where was I…..eh…zzz..zzz..zz……..zz…….z (in this case it means it’s a good piece)