Can XBOX360 Natal really be this good

About 2 month ago this video below showing the next generation controls for XBOX360 – The Natal – was uploaded to YouTube. It was first showed at the E3 Expo in L.A.

The question is – can the XBOX 360 Natal really be this good. I mean, look at how it senses small arm movements, hands and feets. If it works like this it might very well be the answer to how young people should stop getting fatter. With WII you can fake the movements but with this one I’ll fall down and die after 60 minutes of skateboard gaming.
Whatever. It really gives us a glimpse of whats around the corner. And since it’s on an XBOX360 I can only imagine the campaign possibilities with XBOX Live in the near future.
(Another interesting thing is the fact that XBOX360 kicks ass but it hasn’t really spilled over on the Microsoft brand yet.)