Social Marketing Simplified

There are no secret formulas, no secret recipes or magic potions when it comes to social media marketing. All you’ve gotta do is take in one single fact: People have moved lots of their behaviors online and you’ve gotta follow.

To succeed in moving your business, communication and advertising into the digital world, ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. If people search for things related to my business via Google – how can I make sure they find me?
  2. We’ve used to organize events in the real world – where can we organize events in the digital world?
  3. When people started to use phones you gave your sales people phones why are you not giving them Skype, MSN, Twitter, Facebook and live streaming accounts?
  4. You would never automate a personal relation that could lead to sales – why are you automatic every single sales process online?
  5. People don’t listen to brands, they listen to other people – how can we make sure other people say good things about us?
  6. Since people tend to spend their time alone behind the screen – how can we continue to build human digital relations using video, photos and copy?
  7. In the real world you do PR towards paid media – how can you shift your PR activities to be picked up by earned media online?
  8. Traditionally you’ve spent lots of money on media – how can you shift focus to spending lots of money on value that leads to eyeballs online?
  9. In the offline world you would value how people navigate in your store – how much do you value how people navigate in your online world?
  10. Building a great house requires an well paid architect – why then are you hiring the cheapest architect when building a great online presence?
  11. In the old world comparing products was hard – does your products stand the future transparency were everything can be compared?
  12. Back then you could create a 3 year marketing plan – what can you do to turn it into a 3 month marketing plan?
  13. Focus groups used to lead you right – is your organization prepared to listen to real time data instead?
  14. Building brands took years and years – how can you build your brand in months?
  15. Competitors introduced themselves at the next fair are you prepared for the ones who wont introduce themselves at all and don’t care about the old way of doing business, only your old customers?
  16. You used to write business plans – how can you get moving and learn on the way.

If you’ve got 15 right answers then you’re fine. If not – start running!