Amazon frustration free packaging adds consumer value and secures my future relation with my kids

I criticized the jungle branded company a couple of days ago because of their new shopping experience. Now I’m going to send them of on a rocket to my 7th heaven. This video shows a new feature that they are implementing on their big sellers – the Amazon Frustration Free Packaging. Wow. That’s all I can say.

Having two daughters myself I’ve wondered many times how brands like Fisher Price, Mattel, Lego and others get away with packaging that first and foremost is impossible to open. Damn, I’m getting beaten to death by my kids on their birthdays because of the time it takes to open and mount their toys. Secondly – animals of all kinds knock on my door right after I carry out the trash – I almost got picked to death by a woodpecker the other day. If I survive the day then I’m left with soar hands and a feeling of destroying the earth with debris.
Amazon tackles this problem in a beautiful way. The Amazon Frustration Free Packaging will brand them. It’ll make their customers their best friends. Basically it’s packaging serving as brand communication. On top of it all they’ve created a community like page called The Gallery Wrap Rage where people can upload their own frustrating packaging problems. Sweet.
One thing though…They didn’t make it possible to embed the movie on your own site. That was easily solved with ScreenFlow and YouTube though.
Finally, thanks Nina Åkestam for enlightening me.



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