BAUX, Branding & the Acoustic 3D Pixel

As we launched the BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel we ticked another box at BAUX, the company I launched in 2014 together with four other brilliant minds. From the start we’ve set out to create a sustainable global design brand set out to rejuvenate the construction industry. Friends of mine were somewhat puzzled when I told them what BAUX was all about.
A constant misunderstanding is that I work with digital communication. Wrong! I create products, services, branding, strategies and design things in a digital age. That’s different.

I create products, services, branding, strategies and design things in a digital age. That’s different.

For me, combining my knowledge about branding, digital communication and design, it is all about creating things that last. On top of that I personally love creating things that makes people smile, this is exactly what BAUX is all about. At BAUX we aim for innovation, quality of products, world class design, state of the art marketing strategies, a global presence and trying to emotionalize the brand and making it LARGER THAN LIFE!
The BAUX panels in action.

Building a world class brand.

One of the ingredients of the BAUX products turned into spruce. Far from the digital world.
When I work with the BAUX I try to utilise every part of my expertise. At BAUX we aim to create sustainable beautiful products that people love, products that spread themselves off- and online. Our work when we try to communicate this brand is firmly grounded in our brand strategy. Without going into details, our strategy is quite clear.

In the intersection between heritage and the future, that’s where the magic happens.

Our product is based on a material that haven’t changed much for the last 85 years. The Träullit factory that produces our products have been run by the same family for generations. The product, consisting of water, cement and wood, is put together only minutes from the resource – the forests in Småland, Sweden. This is one of our core values – The heritage.
Erik Rääf – A member of third generation that runs the Träullit Factory where we produce BAUX.
On the other side of the coin you have an ever changing world where technology matters more than ever. For BAUX it’s important to show that we are a part of this world when we create communication and marketing material. In the intersection between heritage and the future, that’s where the magic happens. We put a lot of effort into making sure that our design language is state of the art. We have to be leaders here. But it doesn’t stop here. We also use the latest technologies when we create our marketing material.
A visitor to our stand at the Stockholm Light & Design fair last year enjoying our virtual BAUX world.
For example we’ve been early adaptors of Oculus Rift. We work with advanced 3D renderings to inspire architects world wide into using our products.
Our online marketing mix contains everything from state of the art websites, newsletters, Facebook campaigns, SEO, Social Media and advanced seeding strategies. In the end however, it’s back to the core. Clearly show that we’re based on heritage but understands the future.

The BAUX 3D Pixel, 8-bit Love!

Yesterday we launched our latest product – The BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel. In line with previous marketing campaigns we continue to show our love for the heritage of the product while connecting it to the future. This time, to show you what you can create with the new BAUX 3D Pixel we asked the photographer and visual artist Andreas Lübeck and Daniel Wallberg, a.k.a. Smutskatt, one of Sweden’s most creative beat makers, to play around with our new product.
Smutskatt doing his thing!
With its unique form the BAUX 3D Pixel offers a new and innovative way to control your sound environment in small rooms and limited spaces. The Pixel is intended to improve the sound quality within your reception area, corridor or office in a creative three-dimensional way.
By adding a three-dimensional structure we introduce a new and exiting element of design. Create something spectacular and discover unsought combinations while creating a beautiful and enjoyable audio atmosphere and visual experience even in the smallest rooms.

All in all. To be able to build your own brand, to control the value chain from the business plan, the product strategy, the brand strategy, creating the communication, evaluating the data and learn from it – this is the ultimate school of communication and I feel very privileged to be able to go to class every day. Life is a never ending journey!
Rock on!



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