What makes people take action?

The toughest question on earth. How do you make people do something? I don’t mean clicking ‘like’ on your Facebook page or follow a link only to spend 2 minutes watching a fun video. How do you actually make people see something, find out more about it and then take action. I’d say it’s harder than it’s ever been to make people take action. We’re spoiled and lazy. In fact the human race has been spending the last on hundred years on making sure people have to do less and less by ourselves. Everything is about making things easier for us. Electronics, ready-made food, transportation, communication, the internet etc. Making something help people do less is the perfect recipe for a successful product.
Then how do we make people take action? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know what makes me go wow!
I’m triggered by:
Honesty, authenticity, the sand between my toes, a swim in the sea, the snow, spending hours to cook a dinner, something that makes my adrenaline flow, something beautiful, family and friends, a smiling stranger, feeling healthy, a glass of chilled wine, a long walk, a quiet moment, feeling close to someone, having a secret, love…
What triggers you?
If you create something that make me think I’ll achieve something of the above you’ll get me moving. If you create a product or a service that will get me closer to living my life the way I want I’m sure I’ll be your first customer. If you’re communication makes me understand how you can help me in perfecting my life then I’ll be yours.
This is what triggers people, things that makes us believe we’re on our way to a better life. Then we’ll read, watch, click, like, buy, spread and do whatever it takes to endorse your brand forward. This insight of what triggers us is planning…and the rest is up to you!
Now trigger us!