Communication is easy. It's the branding that is hard

Right now I’m in the middle of some planning work for a Swedish brand. I’m spending quite a lot of time trying to understand their products, their target group and especially their brand. When I’m working I like to keep a drawing pad close to me so that I can write down and doodle on ideas as they flash by. That’s when this image below came out of the pen a couple of minutes ago.

This ‘Spine of Communication’ model is a simple way of showing how the human being takes on a communication message and what things matter when we make decisions. In other words, we do not make decisions with our brain. This model could be followed both from a visual, idea and copy based perspective. Worst case scenario is when brands start using naked people. They get effect but how does it affect the brand?
How far down that spine you should go all depends on the brand you’re working for since not every brand can or should push their communication all the way. Your goal should always be maximum emotion and minimal rationality. That way you’ll make people make decision based on other things than price. After all who would by a Porsche, Cheap Monday jeans, Kosta Boda piece, Britney Spears record or a bottle of Absolut Vodka based on rational thoughts. Note. Even low price brands should focus on the emotional aspect rather than the rational.
And this is why I’m spending more time on the planning rather than the idea. In other words spend some rational time before getting down to the emotions. It is a pick up game, isn’t it 😉