Content made for attention vs content made for relation

Four weeks ago I wrote a blogpost on how we’re moving from a content is king world to a quality is king world. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve got tons of fans you might have a challenge. Your fans might crave tons of content and sooner or later you’ll end up with money problems. After all, tons of

content will cost tons of money. This is why you should divide your focus on content into two purposes.

Content made for attention vs content made for relation. Give this some thought:

1. Content made for attention.

When you think about creating content for the uninitiated, the people who are not your customers or brand fans, think attention. This content should create interest, desire and making people send it to friends. But it’s also content made for the masses which means it’s equivalent of advertising. You wan’t people to be amazed.
Google introduces Project Glass and it’s a great story. Made for the masses yet content selling their vision.
This is all about communication, it’s all about creating an impact and making people go wow. Focus on creating creative and original content that can’t be found anywhere else.
Urban Ears. Branding through content.
Quality is key! Idea is key! Thinking of conversion, meaning what do people do once they’ve stopped looking, is key! And note that if you make people think, want…they’ll Google you. You don’t need a QR code or a link in the end to get people moving through your value chain.

2. Content made for relation.

Quality of course matters, I’ve already written about that. But that said, you stell need to cater for the needs of your brand audience. The people that have found their way to your owned channel, facebook page, instagram feed etc,they’re there because they want more.
Gary Vaynerchuck knows how to keep his fans on their toes. Episode nr 1000 marked the end of a fantastic journey to fame!
They want to indulge in your brand and in your products. I’m not following your brand online cause I want one update every half year, I’ve followed your brand cause I want more. I want content, photos, videos and all kind of things that deepens my love for that brand of yours. Don’t waste to much time on selling things. The people who interact with brand content want to get straight to the content.
Nike gets straight to the point in this video with Suzann Pettersen.
I want access to things only brand fans get access to. I want to feel special! When you create content for brand fans. Think insights, think episodes, think retention, think story goes on, think the more the merrier and finally use a tonality towards friends not strangers. A great content strategy targeting your brand fans shouldn’t have a 2 months life span. It should span over years!
Good luck on creating that content strategy of yours!