Top 100 Posts On The Future Of Communication by Johan Ronnestam Posted Between 2005 and 2011

Some of you might have followed my blog since way back while others followed me only a couple of days. So I decided it was time to dig into Google Analytics and gather my top 100 blog posts, based on traffic, (I have written 596 to this date) between the years 2005 and 2011 for you to read.
I did actually start my first blog back in 2002 but quickly stopped blogging. It was more of an installation experiment. Then in 2005 I slowly started posting again. Up until now I’ve had over a half a million pageviews and 367374 unique visitors dropping in.

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So here we go:
The Top 100 posts on the future of communication by Johan Ronnestam posted between 2005 and 2011 Have a good read!

  1. Pixel Art Has Become Vintage Technology
  2. 3 Social Media Models That Will Guide Your Brand Into The Conversation Landscape
  3. A Book, MashUp, PDF or Whatever You Wanna Call It By Johan Ronnestam
  4. 10 Packaging Concepts That Bring Boring Objects & Products to Life
  5. The Essential Guide On How To Start And Configure A Blog That Rocks The World
  6. Svenska politiker i sociala och digital media under valet 2010. Några råd på vägen – Det handlar om vem du är, vad du tycker och hur vi kan bli vänner.
  7. Dear SAAB. Your Global Web Site Sucks.
  8. Controlling your brand with creative excellence
  9. Case ›› Re-branding: Turning A Diving Brand With A Heritage Into A Brand With A Future
  10. Why Are The Worlds Greatest Brands Stuck In Old Technology And What Should They Do About It?
  11. Lightbulb Packaging. If They Can – You Can Too!
  12. The 10 Commandments Of Future Brands
  13. Adolf Hitler and his evil eyes
  14. 50 movie posters that will bring you back in time
  15. The Social Formula For Small Business Owners
  16. Future Integrated Communication From A Digital Perspective
  17. A short story about love
  18. I Think I Can Beat Steve Jobs
  19. Social Marketing Simplified
  20. Case: The Story Of How Sweden’s Newest Bank ‘Marginalen Bank’ Was Created, Implemented and Launched
  21. So What About Volvo? Does Your Site Suck Too?
  22. The Ultimate Mood and Storyboard Application
  23. Brand and Communication Predictions For 2010 by Johan Ronnestam
  24. Poladroid brings back the Polaroid memories
  25. 21 Steps on How to Monitor Your Brand Online and Keep Track of the Conversation
  26. Dear CEO’s, Board Members and Top Management – what’s more important? Wine or Change?
  27. Toys that makes me go wow
  28. Why You Should Wait To Use Facebook Email
  29. Brand and communication predictions for 2009 by Johan Ronnestam
  30. Here’s a logo that can stand time
  31. I Just Want To Be Myself
  32. How Traditionalists Think About Social Media
  33. Mr Shohei Otomo rock my sunday evening
  34. Is MobileMe the iTunes killer?
  35. Foreign – The End. Ronnestam – The Beginning.
  36. How To Successfully Identify A Future Trend
  37. Steve Jobs and Apple will replace the Apple TV with a 10” wireless iMedia remote control.
  38. Pepsi rebranding features dynamic logo
  39. Mitt svar i sin helhet till Tobias Brandel på Svenska Dagbladet
  40. Simon Pestridge From Nike Make Future Advertising Sound Simple
  41. First Versace, then H&M and now Louis Vuitton ads. Madonna got the fashion giants wrapped around her finger
  42. Ask Yourselves These 10 Questions And Then Go Off Conquer The World
  43. 10 Reasons Why The Screens Are Coming in 2010
  44. Top 5 viral advertising videos on Youtube in 2007
  45. Seduce us or excuse us – 11 ways to bring your brand up to date
  46. Swedish Television launches a great online television site but where’s the social interaction?
  47. Think People Will Read About Your Service? Think Again!
  48. Emotional vs rational messages in communication during global recession and Nigel Hollis
  49. Luxury champagne brand Krug pops up their brand and shows how entertain the masses with minimum effort
  50. Social Media. It’s There To Give Your Brand A Body
  51. All Your Brands Are Belong To Us
  52. AIDA Transformed By Digital Media. What Does It Mean To Your Brand Communication?
  53. Dear The Economist – it’s MY thinking space, not yours!
  54. Come On Over and I’ll Print A Lasagna or Pizza For Dinner!
  55. Common Sense Communication
  56. What Transparency Will Do To Your Brand
  57. How to work better by Peter Fischli & David Weiss
  58. The checklist that will save our world and maybe your brand too!
  59. The Boy Who Lived – How a Comic Strip Can Make You Cry
  60. How I Create
  61. Let Me Introduce JAJDO – A Swedish App Brand For Kids
  62. I Spent The Weekend On An Island And Challenged My Fears
  63. Here’s To The Crazy Ones
  64. Talar framtidens kommunikation med Göran Adlén och TrendTV nu igen
  65. Time Replaces Money.
  66. Control Your Home With Your Mobile
  67. What Does The New York Times Know That We Don’t?
  68. How To Win And Keep A Client
  69. I’m a Leo
  70. Hand drawn qoutes
  71. adidas Techfit launched
  72. How To Create A Great Ad For A Beer Brand? Easy! – You Don’t!
  73. I’ve Said It Before But It’s Worth Repeating – We Just Wanna Have Fun
  74. 2010 Is Coming To An End. Here Are Some Things I Did
  75. Life Is Made Up By Small Things That Don’t Seem To Matter
  76. How to innovate a album cover using typography
  77. Why SAAB, Volvo, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Peugeot, AUDI, Chevrolet, Buick and the rest of the car industry should the adopt the iPhone model and develop the InCar OS
  78. Google Introduce Live Search and Augmented Reality With Google Goggles
  79. Optimal Webbnärvaro – Svar till Elias Betinakis
  80. The new Blossa Glögg bottle
  81. Here’s a flashmob I wish I’d known about
  82. A Brand New Branded Day
  83. A great post on car logos
  84. Vad var det jag sade – Årets Julklapp 2010 – En läsplatta.
  85. On my way home from 6 days on Lanai, Hawaii that changed my life
  86. I adore a good wine. I love a great design. When these two collide I’m lost in the explosion
  87. When You Want To Communicate Something. Change Perspective!
  88. Varsågod. Here are my Netvibes feeds
  89. Foreign provided the vows for the marriage between H&M and Viktor and Rolf.
  90. What is shopping? What is branding? What is marketing? Who’s the designer?
  91. If you wanna get some brand love tomorrow you better get into the conversation today
  92. RIP Michael Jackson
  93. Göran Adlén intervjuar Johan Ronnestam om framtidens kommunikation i TrendTV
  94. Turn Your Business Into A Smarter Social Business
  95. I Ffffound my new favourite image search
  96. New York Times reinvents online newspaper reading with a new skimmering interface
  97. It’s all an illusion
  98. A Sustainable Plan And My Point Of View
  99. In order to create something timeless you’ve gotta set Megagoals.
  100. WWRD – 36 things Ronnestam would do differently if he had control of brand that delivered broadband, telecom and television services

And there we go. The Top 100 posts. Personally I still lack tons of posts in this list. But in order for you to find those – stick to the tag cloud to the right and look for the related posts beneath each and everyone of these posts.
Have a good night! – Johan Ronnestam